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We are pleased about your interest in our website. For external links on the website can we not accept liability, despite we check carefully all content. The protection of your personal data with the collection, processing and use on the occasion of your visit on our website is us an important request. Their data are protected in the context of the laws. You find following to information, which data during your visit on the website seized and how these are used:

1. Collection and processing of data

Each access to our website and each call one on the website deposited file are logged. Storage serves internal system related and statistic purposes. Are logged: Name of the called up file, date and time of the call, transferred data set, message over successful call, Web browser and inquiring domain. Additionally the IP addresses of the inquiring computers are logged. Large personal data are seized only if them these information voluntarily, approximately in the context of a request or a registration, to make.

2. Use and passing on of personal data

As far as you made us available personal data, we use these only for the answer of your requests, for the completion with you closed contracts and for the technical administration. Their personal data on third only passed on or otherwise conveyed, if this is necessary for the purpose of the conclusion of the contract - in particular passing on of order data at suppliers -, this for accounting purposes necessary is or it have consented before. They have the right to at any time recall a given consent with effect for the future. The deletion of the stored personal data takes place, if you recall your consent for storage, if its knowledge is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose pursued with storage or if its storage for other legal reasons is inadmissible.

3. Right to information

On written request we will inform you gladly over too their person stored data. Safety guideline: We are endeavored to store your personal data in such a way by seizure of all technical and organizational possibilities that they are not accessible for third. During communication by E mail cannot be ensured complete data security by us, so that we recommend with confidential information the post office way to you.


With Internet Cookies it concerns small packets, which are stored by your browser on the hard disk drive of your computer. We use Cookies on our website. Such Cookies is necessary, so that you can move on the website freely and use their features; to it among other things also that belongs to access to secured ranges of the website. By Cookies we can reconstruct, who the side (n) visited, and from this to derive, as frequently determined sides are visited, which parts enjoy of the site special popularity. Session Cookies store information about your activities on our website.

This website was provided with the Worldsoft CMS. The Worldsoft CMS uses those in the following listed Cookies – depending upon the assigned modules:




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Voting module

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If you leave this website, for example over clicking to our external left, and on stranger sides arrive, from addressees of the clicked target page if necessary so-called Cookies are set. For these we are legally not responsible. To the use of such Cookies and the information stored on it you compare please the privacy statements of the linked providers.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a Web analysis service of Google Inc. („Google “). Google Analytics uses so-called „Cookies “, text files, which are stored on your computer and which makes an analysis for the use possible of the website by you. By the cookie produced the information about your use of this website (including your IP-address) to a server by Google in the USA one transfers and one stores there. Google will use these information, in order to evaluate your use of the website, in order to arrange report about the website activities for the website operators and furnish around further with the website use and the Internet use connected services. Also Google these information is transferred if necessary on third, if legally prescribed or so far third these data process this on behalf of Google. Google will bring your IP-address in no case with other data, which are stored by Google, in connection. They can prevent the installation of the Cookies by an appropriate attitude of its browsers software; we point out you however that you cannot use all functions of this website in this case if necessary fully extensively. By the use of this website you explain yourselves in agreement with the treatment of the data raised over you by Google in the way described before and for the purpose designated before.

References to Facebook Plugins

We use Plugins of the online network portal “Facebook “in our Internet presence. Operator of this network is Facebook Inc.; 1601 S. California avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, the USA. With the Plugins it concerns around a button with the designation” pleases oneself me “and the logo of Facebook Inc. – a white “f “on blue background. Such Plugins is recognizable also from the reference” social Plugin of Facebook “, which can have to be found on the website.

If you call our website, a direct connection to the servers becomes Facebook Inc. by your browser. manufactured, whereby concrete contents of the Plugins of Facebook on their servers are made available and finally merged over your browser directly into our website.

If you are logged in member with Facebook and during the visit on our website with Facebook, this visit can be assigned to your Facebook user account. If you “pleases me “button use, this information is conveyed likewise directly at Facebook and stored there. You can avoid the allocation of the visit on our website to your Facebook account, if you edition-logged yourselves before with Facebook. Even if you are not member with Facebook, your IP-address becomes possibly with the visit of our website to Facebook Inc. conveyed and stored.

Further information for the range and purposes of the collection and use of personal data by Facebook as well as references to attitude possibilities for Facebook user accounts for the protection of the privacy finds you under:

Source: Stroemer of attorneys


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