Car master Roman Wörle came early in contact with vintage cars.


After he finished his apprenticeship in 1986 as a car journeyman, Roman Wörle signed in 1990 as a time soldier. During his eight-year Bundeswehr career, he completed both the automotive master craftsman's examination and the business management exam. He also obtained the truck driver's license.


After being a soldier, he was hired in 1999 as a master mechanic at a company for Mercedes Benz classic car restoration, where he worked on these vehicles for the first time.


In 2003, Roman Wörle decided to set up his own know-how in terms of Mercedes Benz vintage cars.

For this purpose, he rented a workshop directly next to his parents' business in Syrgenstein. Shortly thereafter followed the first trainee.


During the first years he also screwed on two-wheelers, but this was discontinued after some time, so that he and his staff could devote themselves to the classic cars.


After about 2 years it began to lack space and so was shorthand another room rented.


In 2008, the business was already so well-known that this was no longer sufficient, so it was decided to build a completely new hall on the open space next to the parents' home.


Over the years, this hall has been built several times: In 2010, an area for the work on parts and engines was created, in 2011, a further space for bodywork was added.


In 2015, the large extension to the new hall was launched. In addition, there was another 475 m² workshop area (with reception area), 100 m² cellar rooms and 215 m² storage area.


2019 was rebuilt. Now they built a hall with 500 m² and another 200 m² warehouse.


Thus, the company with workshop, office and storage rooms today comprises approx. 2,000 m².


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